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Why Arclight Cinema’s 10 minute late policy is self destructive & How two pathetic employees lost their employer 30 dollars.

arclight cinema logo

arclight cinema logo

Arclight cinemas(specifically Arclight Hollywood) has a “10 minute late, no admittance” policy. It needs to be revoked and here is why. This story is about how two angsty employees named “Assface Arron” and “Dickbag Donnie” caused the Arclight Hollywood to lose 30 bucks on Saturday night.
-We live in Los Angeles. Traffic is everywhere. From time to time we get stuck in it and there is no way around it. What quality of the film are you protecting by not admitting people ten minutes after the film has started? If you’re going to have a “10 minute late no entry” policy you should also have a “10 minutes into the movie no bathroom break” policy. Or better yet a “10 minute after movie starts no refill from the snack bar” policy. Fact of the matter is if you go to the theaters you should expect to be around people. For one reason or another people need to come and go. It is our free will and moviegoers should not be punished for being stuck in all to common LA traffic. Policies that I feel would be a more effective use of Arclight staff would be “NO FUCKING BLACKBERRY POLICY!” Or a “No talking through the entire film” policy.
-Saturday night a group of us decided to see Transformers 2 again! I reluctantly agreed to attend after having HATED it the first time. I figure why not give it a second chance. After all I did happen to work on it. We coordinated an effort to all meet 20 minutes before the movie started and my brother would get tickets for all. I was actually excited to see the film because we would be seeing it in “The Dome.” If you’ve never seen a film there, do so. “The Dome” is so freakin cool. Anyway. After getting stuck in ridiculous traffic on Sunset I arrived 9.5 minutes late to the movie with my good friend Elliott. We picked up our tickets from guest service and made our way into “The Dome” excited to see the film. When we get to the door, a squirmy little pea of a man refused us entrance b/c we were NINE AND A HALF minutes late. His name was Aaron. He looks like what a turd looks like after not being flushed for 48 hours but with acne all over it. This was the moment he has been waiting for all day long. I proceeded to tell him how many ways he can go fuck himself (which didn’t help one bit) and then I asked him to call over his manager. His manager (Dickbag Donnie)walks over with a smug little grin on his face and says “nah man, no entrance.” I tried to reason with this man. He obviously could tell our situation was dire and we had friends inside holding our seats for us. If he had any kindness in him at all he would have let us pass. He garnered an extreme pleasure from using his fraction of power to deny us access to the movie. This ten minute policy is totally retarded because it gives little piss head fuck faces like Dickbag Donnie the power to deny cinefiles such as myself the ability to do what I love most, SEE MOVIES.
-On the verge of being thrown off site I accept my fate and return my ticket to guest services. Elliott suggests we calm our nerves by enjoying a beer at the bar. We do so. Not having calmed my nerves, i say to myself. FUCK THIS. I get what I want. I ask Elliott how much cash he has on his person. Together we scrape up 5 bucks and go back to the entrance of The Dome. I smack the 5 dollars on the glass and point to it with a smile. The awesome dude behind the popcorn counter who witnessed my previous interaction with Dickbag Donnie came to the glass. I assume he shared the same distaste for Assface Aaron and Dickbag Donnie by taking my 5 bucks with a smile and granting Elliott and I access to the theater without ripping out tickets.
-My brother went to guest services after the movie and got his 30 bucks back and I got to see Transformers 2 AGAIN for free. Dickbag Donnie and Assface Aaron still work at the Arclight. I’m curious how many other times people have done the same thing as me and worked the system b/c we were treated unfairly. Things happen in a big city. Having a “10 minutes late no entry” policy is dumb and adds nothing to the overall movie going experience.

Trash Night

I made this short film with fellow “Kill, Zombie, Kill!” co-writers Adam J Wood and Mia DiPasquale, not to mention the amazing crew of Craig Bauer, Chris Ide, Seth Peschansky, Eric Ehemann, Cubbie Kile, Johnnie Hertline(ham), Francis (poi boi) Camacho, Chris Titone, and a bunch of others.

Rob Zombie liked our short so much he chose it out of the other hudreds of videos submitted. We won 4k and got the short aired a few times on AMC Fearfest.

Cant wait to do it again!

I filled out an email questionaire which later got butchered into an interview by AMC.

Q: What were you doing when you got the news that you’d won?

A: I was on my lunch break from work with my fiance and felt my phone vibrate. I almost choked on my lunch.

Q: Which entry — besides your own — was your favorite?

A: I felt that everyone who shot a video for this contest did a wonderful job… I must admit, I especially enjoyed the Ice Cream Man video.

Q: What was the most memorable moment in making your short?

A: One of the most frightening moments was from a scene we had to cut to make the time limit. My friend Keith Blum (who played the Green Goblin fish man) had a really cool shot crawling out of the water. Nobody could tell from the video, but the water was roughly 30 degrees… He was a champ, wanting to do more takes from different angles. He nearly froze helping us and we are truly grateful.

Q: What’s next in your movie career?

I have a couple other short film concepts I have been wanting to film. Me and the people who helped write Trash Night are involved in writing multiple feature length horror-related film scripts. One work in progress that we hope to bring to life is a “zombedy” titled Kill, Zombie, Kill!

Q: What do you plan to do with the $4,000 that you’ve won?

A: I plan on reimbursing everybody who spent their own money on the short and then throwing a wrap party. Everyone involved worked so hard, and this wouldn’t have happened without them. Whatever money is left will go into financing the next short we have written.

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