I made this short film with fellow “Kill, Zombie, Kill!” co-writers Adam J Wood and Mia DiPasquale, not to mention the amazing crew of Craig Bauer, Chris Ide, Seth Peschansky, Eric Ehemann, Cubbie Kile, Johnnie Hertline(ham), Francis (poi boi) Camacho, Chris Titone, and a bunch of others.

Rob Zombie liked our short so much he chose it out of the other hudreds of videos submitted. We won 4k and got the short aired a few times on AMC Fearfest.

Cant wait to do it again!

I filled out an email questionaire which later got butchered into an interview by AMC.

Q: What were you doing when you got the news that you’d won?

A: I was on my lunch break from work with my fiance and felt my phone vibrate. I almost choked on my lunch.

Q: Which entry — besides your own — was your favorite?

A: I felt that everyone who shot a video for this contest did a wonderful job… I must admit, I especially enjoyed the Ice Cream Man video.

Q: What was the most memorable moment in making your short?

A: One of the most frightening moments was from a scene we had to cut to make the time limit. My friend Keith Blum (who played the Green Goblin fish man) had a really cool shot crawling out of the water. Nobody could tell from the video, but the water was roughly 30 degrees… He was a champ, wanting to do more takes from different angles. He nearly froze helping us and we are truly grateful.

Q: What’s next in your movie career?

I have a couple other short film concepts I have been wanting to film. Me and the people who helped write Trash Night are involved in writing multiple feature length horror-related film scripts. One work in progress that we hope to bring to life is a “zombedy” titled Kill, Zombie, Kill!

Q: What do you plan to do with the $4,000 that you’ve won?

A: I plan on reimbursing everybody who spent their own money on the short and then throwing a wrap party. Everyone involved worked so hard, and this wouldn’t have happened without them. Whatever money is left will go into financing the next short we have written.