“Skyline” is a movie I am interested in because A: I LOVE Alien Sci-Fi and B: it’s being produced and directed by the Strause Brothers. (owners of Hydralux VFX) “Battle: Los Angeles” will also be seen by me for reason A: above.  I recently found out the Strause Bros. are in legal turmoil with Sony over I.P. rights and something to do with their involvement with contributing VFX to “Battle: Los Angeles.” It looks like we’re going to have another “Deep Impact” vs “Armageddon” on our hands with this one. Sony is saying that The brothers jacked the idea for the film from their involvement with “Battle: Los Angeles” as VFX vendors. The bros look like they’re telling the studio their main inspiration was not the script for “Battle: Los Angeles,” rather “Paranormal Activity.”

I always find this sort of thing interesting. As my momma would say, “The proof is in the puddin.” If in fact the bros ripped off “Battle: Los Angeles” then it will clearly show in a similar plots. If Sony is saying that “Skyline” is infringing do to having similar shot / art direction then I think they should consider why they went to Hydralux in the first place. I think it may have been because they like the way they design Aliens. It’s not as if Sony has a patent or TM on Alien movies.

I think there is enough room in the collective nerd kingdom for two Alien movies in one theater season. Face it, Aliens are cool. My prediction is that they both make money.  I am not necessarily pulling for either side in this case rather Hollywood film making in general. I do however have a desire to root for the indie film maker due to the nature of the process. I suppose time will soon tell.

Here’s the link to the article i first read.