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Lens Baby “Composer.” Stop motion test

So I picked up this Lens Baby Composer and some of their cute little optics to play with. I am going to attempt a small little stop motion project for my new demo reel opening. Should be fun. I started crafting the animated materials with one of my best buddies Joanna last night in hopes of being able to animate tonight. Carved some letters out of cork and glittered the hell out of some pre cut letters. I got 99% of the prep work done when my tripod foot went missing. Damn those little priceless accessories. Tomorrow I will be rummaging through the misc. bin at Bel Air Camera in hopes of finding a new foot that works with my tripod.

Banksy in Westwood Village Los Angeles

Yesterday I was strolling through Westwood Village with my Wife and my little boy when we came across a couple fresh Banksy wall bombs. If you’re interested in checking them out, the large one is on the back of Urban Outfitters and the small one is between the LA fitness parking garage and the starbucks on WWBlvd.

“The Great Marcusio” Los Angeles screening.

The short film I recently directed “The Great Marcusio” has been officially selected by “New Filmmakers LA” to screen in their March 22nd short series. I had a lot of fun with this cast and crew, it feels nice being able to work with such talented people. Jason Director did a GREAT job as our lead “Marcus.” We have a site for all things Marcusio for those of you who are interested in finding out more about the film.

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