Finishing a video is like finishing a painting.  At a certain point you have to put down the brush and just stop.  Otherwise you will find yourself still working on the same spot for months and months and months.  Most of the time the flaws you see nobody else will even come close to seeing. On the flip side, the things you believe look great with your painting/ video/ sculpture/ song will most likely not resonate with your desired audience anyway.   The only thing that I have been able to come to terms with over the past 12 years of making art is that if you honestly put yourself into whatever it is you’re doing somebody will appreciate it on some level.   

Back when I was in a band playing shows and releasing music I would notice certain things about the way people absorb or come to accept what you’re doing in front of them.  No matter what it is you’re doing someone will hate it, someone will feel indifferent about it and someone will love it.  If you figure out how to tap into the market that loves what you’re doing and constantly generate stuff for other people you may find wealth but i believe you will also find misery and a plateau of mediocrity.  It’s riskier to make art that simply makes you happy b/c you never know if the market will accept or reject what you’re doing. However, if you can find happiness in the things you spend most of your time doing you will find richness in knowing that you haven’t wasted a second of your life simply because you’re in love with the process.