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Canon, customer service. 5Dm2

I drove down to Irvine, Ca today to drop my 5d M2 off at the “Canon Express Service Center.” It was like the waiting room at a Dr.’s office meets the ticket taking Deli counter. There was a 50/50 chance I’d be able to have my camera repaired today. I guess “hot pixels” take less than 7 days to repair and ship back. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s an easy fix and I get my baby back soon. I was hoping to be able to use it for this PopSugar / Cameron Diaz shoot next week. Might have to borrow my brothers 5d.
Irvine reminds me of Boca Raton, Fl. Stuffy white people in dress casual attire showing up the Joneses on their way out of church. Decent looking environment though.

“Lilith & Thatch”animated short film

A close friend of mine Gunnar came to me with an idea he had for an animated short film called “Lilith & Thatch.” It was dark, creepy, fun filled, loving and scary. The best part is that Gunnar was willing to complete the majority of the concept art himself. I love Gunnar’s style. I have been a fan of his art ever since he designed my friends band “New Found Glory’s” album art. I read Gunnars initial short story and fell in love. He let me run with the idea and I turned his poem into a screenplay. Today we’re halfway to having a completed cgi animated short.

With the help of talented artists such as Jean Choi, George Mehlan, Rob Burton we have been trying to assemble this cg short since January 2009. We have hit a small road block and initiated a fund raising event through the web site in hopes of raising the funds necessary to complete our film.

I hope you will all go to this site and re post the link or possibly donate to our cause. We are deeply invested in this project and have to see it through to completion. If we meet our fund raising goal we should be in a good position to finish the project. We need your help.

Please click this link below to navigate to our fund raising site.

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