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Ranting about Finishing a video (project)


Finishing a video is like finishing a painting.  At a certain point you have to put down the brush and just stop.  Otherwise you will find yourself still working on the same spot for months and months and months.  Most of the time the flaws you see nobody else will even come close to seeing. On the flip side, the things you believe look great with your painting/ video/ sculpture/ song will most likely not resonate with your desired audience anyway.   The only thing that I have been able to come to terms with over the past 12 years of making art is that if you honestly put yourself into whatever it is you’re doing somebody will appreciate it on some level.   

Back when I was in a band playing shows and releasing music I would notice certain things about the way people absorb or come to accept what you’re doing in front of them.  No matter what it is you’re doing someone will hate it, someone will feel indifferent about it and someone will love it.  If you figure out how to tap into the market that loves what you’re doing and constantly generate stuff for other people you may find wealth but i believe you will also find misery and a plateau of mediocrity.  It’s riskier to make art that simply makes you happy b/c you never know if the market will accept or reject what you’re doing. However, if you can find happiness in the things you spend most of your time doing you will find richness in knowing that you haven’t wasted a second of your life simply because you’re in love with the process.

Red Carpet Interview for “The Great Marcusio” @ NewFilmMakersLA

Here is a little snippet of a red carpet interview I did at NewFilmMakersLA that My dad got to hijack. I love my dad. I had a lot of fun at this screening series. Thank to Larry Laboe and Josh Emerson for hooking us up.

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I’ve really been digging these Velvet Underground tunes over on’s Record Club site. Devendra Banhart and MGMT do guest spots. I’m sure this post is irrelevant b/c you already knew this. You god damn hipsters still can’t take the joy of this away from me.

Lens Baby “Composer.” Stop motion test

So I picked up this Lens Baby Composer and some of their cute little optics to play with. I am going to attempt a small little stop motion project for my new demo reel opening. Should be fun. I started crafting the animated materials with one of my best buddies Joanna last night in hopes of being able to animate tonight. Carved some letters out of cork and glittered the hell out of some pre cut letters. I got 99% of the prep work done when my tripod foot went missing. Damn those little priceless accessories. Tomorrow I will be rummaging through the misc. bin at Bel Air Camera in hopes of finding a new foot that works with my tripod.

Banksy in Westwood Village Los Angeles

Yesterday I was strolling through Westwood Village with my Wife and my little boy when we came across a couple fresh Banksy wall bombs. If you’re interested in checking them out, the large one is on the back of Urban Outfitters and the small one is between the LA fitness parking garage and the starbucks on WWBlvd.

“The Great Marcusio” Los Angeles screening.

The short film I recently directed “The Great Marcusio” has been officially selected by “New Filmmakers LA” to screen in their March 22nd short series. I had a lot of fun with this cast and crew, it feels nice being able to work with such talented people. Jason Director did a GREAT job as our lead “Marcus.” We have a site for all things Marcusio for those of you who are interested in finding out more about the film.

Why Arclight Cinema’s 10 minute late policy is self destructive & How two pathetic employees lost their employer 30 dollars.

arclight cinema logo

arclight cinema logo

Arclight cinemas(specifically Arclight Hollywood) has a “10 minute late, no admittance” policy. It needs to be revoked and here is why. This story is about how two angsty employees named “Assface Arron” and “Dickbag Donnie” caused the Arclight Hollywood to lose 30 bucks on Saturday night.
-We live in Los Angeles. Traffic is everywhere. From time to time we get stuck in it and there is no way around it. What quality of the film are you protecting by not admitting people ten minutes after the film has started? If you’re going to have a “10 minute late no entry” policy you should also have a “10 minutes into the movie no bathroom break” policy. Or better yet a “10 minute after movie starts no refill from the snack bar” policy. Fact of the matter is if you go to the theaters you should expect to be around people. For one reason or another people need to come and go. It is our free will and moviegoers should not be punished for being stuck in all to common LA traffic. Policies that I feel would be a more effective use of Arclight staff would be “NO FUCKING BLACKBERRY POLICY!” Or a “No talking through the entire film” policy.
-Saturday night a group of us decided to see Transformers 2 again! I reluctantly agreed to attend after having HATED it the first time. I figure why not give it a second chance. After all I did happen to work on it. We coordinated an effort to all meet 20 minutes before the movie started and my brother would get tickets for all. I was actually excited to see the film because we would be seeing it in “The Dome.” If you’ve never seen a film there, do so. “The Dome” is so freakin cool. Anyway. After getting stuck in ridiculous traffic on Sunset I arrived 9.5 minutes late to the movie with my good friend Elliott. We picked up our tickets from guest service and made our way into “The Dome” excited to see the film. When we get to the door, a squirmy little pea of a man refused us entrance b/c we were NINE AND A HALF minutes late. His name was Aaron. He looks like what a turd looks like after not being flushed for 48 hours but with acne all over it. This was the moment he has been waiting for all day long. I proceeded to tell him how many ways he can go fuck himself (which didn’t help one bit) and then I asked him to call over his manager. His manager (Dickbag Donnie)walks over with a smug little grin on his face and says “nah man, no entrance.” I tried to reason with this man. He obviously could tell our situation was dire and we had friends inside holding our seats for us. If he had any kindness in him at all he would have let us pass. He garnered an extreme pleasure from using his fraction of power to deny us access to the movie. This ten minute policy is totally retarded because it gives little piss head fuck faces like Dickbag Donnie the power to deny cinefiles such as myself the ability to do what I love most, SEE MOVIES.
-On the verge of being thrown off site I accept my fate and return my ticket to guest services. Elliott suggests we calm our nerves by enjoying a beer at the bar. We do so. Not having calmed my nerves, i say to myself. FUCK THIS. I get what I want. I ask Elliott how much cash he has on his person. Together we scrape up 5 bucks and go back to the entrance of The Dome. I smack the 5 dollars on the glass and point to it with a smile. The awesome dude behind the popcorn counter who witnessed my previous interaction with Dickbag Donnie came to the glass. I assume he shared the same distaste for Assface Aaron and Dickbag Donnie by taking my 5 bucks with a smile and granting Elliott and I access to the theater without ripping out tickets.
-My brother went to guest services after the movie and got his 30 bucks back and I got to see Transformers 2 AGAIN for free. Dickbag Donnie and Assface Aaron still work at the Arclight. I’m curious how many other times people have done the same thing as me and worked the system b/c we were treated unfairly. Things happen in a big city. Having a “10 minutes late no entry” policy is dumb and adds nothing to the overall movie going experience.

Michael Showalter / NEW “theState” news

Thats right, the state is working on a new the state cast movie. Check out the Michael Showalter inteview on MyOldKentuckyBlogRadio by Clicking here.

Michael Showalter Interview

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